Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Bring your togs tomorrow....

Just in case you are lucky enough to be visiting a class that has swimming in the afternoon, bring your togs.
We have the 4 year olds visiting from pre-school tomorrow afternoon, the classroom will be extra busy.  Please be patient and understanding.
This is the little ones first visit to primary school in preparation for starting school next year, they need to see lots of friendly faces.
Thanks for your support.
Mrs H.

The Bey Blade design competiton

So, some of the critters wanted to colour in some bey blade pages and we thought wouldn't it be better if we designed our own bey blade, instead of just colouring in???
Here are some of their creations, the class will vote on their favourite on Friday and we will send the favourite off to the makers to see if they can make it.
They can be drawn, made out of lego, duplo, shapes, kliko, connex, paper, cardboard, leaves ...anything.  
I think you will agree that their creations are pretty impressive.

Those book character photos...

Miss Ryan found them, here they are...

















Who is that gorgeous Minion????
I think you will all agree that we look AMAZING.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Week 6

Thank you to all the parents who have agreed to help out with the...

More information will follow by the end of the week so keep your eyes posted for notes in book bags.  Room 18 will be going to Boyes Beach.  Pray for fine weather:)

This week pre-school visits for the 2018 students will start. They will be visiting in Room 18 on Wednesday afternoons. Some Room 18 students will be visiting our Buddy Year 2 classes during this time to make room for the 26 visitors.   
Bring your togs on a Wednesday because you might be lucky enough to get a swim with your buddy class.  
All Room 18 students will be back in Room 18 at 2.45pm, ready for the end of the day...there could be a few extra parents and children around at that time, please make them all feel welcomed, and help Mrs Homes and Miss Ryan if you can.  Twenty six 4 years could break the both of us:)

Week 6 looks pretty normal so far....
Singing at 8:45-get to school early
Pre-school visits-there will be a crowd, brace yourselves...
Coaches Thank You

- Its Teacher Only Day next Monday 27th November- you will need to make arrangements for your child as the school will be closed that day.

Saturday, 18 November 2017